Network Administrator

You are responsible for keeping enterprise assets and network up-to-date and secure as network architecture is made up of multiple software/hardware platforms employed across applications, which requires you to coordinate with the different systems and register every move across the networks to identify and filter out the security risks and vulnerabilities.

  • Do you face these challenges?
  • Inability to determine the security and compliance level of new change?
  • Tedious troubleshooting to determine access control problems?
  • Clutter of rules and objects make device operations very difficult and complicated?
  • Reviewing the rule base to check the adequacy of the existing policies?
  • How Firesec helps?
  • Impact analysis of each change done using the ‘What-if Analysis’ to ensure all new changes are in line with organizational policies and regulatory requirements.
  • Single-click navigation to determine which system can or cannot access which destination system or network segment.
  • Optimize network devices for long-term use by staying on top of unused, redundant, and insecure rules.
  • Automate the analysis process instead of using manual, error-prone practices.