Periodic Configuration Reviews

Periodic Configuration Reviews

Integration of different network devices forms the core of the network defence system. However, are these network devices fit for the purpose? Are they correctly configured? Are they delivering optimum performance? Finding answers to these questions are extremely important as these network devices stand over the periphery of the network and are considered as the most reliable defence mechanism. Hence, the rule sets require adequate and time to time, comprehensive health check-ups.

Firesec configuration reviews capabilities take you to the insider tour of the device configurations. It evaluates the rules from your network devices to determine whether the security risks exist in the configuration, unwanted rules making database hefty and if there are vulnerabilities allowed through the network devices for high risk-prone services.

Network Devices Rule Set Reviews

  • Notify a reviewer once the rules are assigned.
  • A Reviewer can tag the rule actions with business justifications facilitating you to put the right steps ahead.
  • Trigger reminder mail to the reviewer.
  • Alert Administrator about the delay in review timelines.

Enterprise Level Benefits

  • Provides a formal process flow of reviewing and modifying the network device configurations.
  • Identify the unwanted rules that exist but are not relevant and hence not playing any role in building security.