Continuous Compliance

Continuous Compliance

Continuous compliance adherence is a crucial function to monitor the rule base and evaluate proposed rule changes against the checks listed in enterprise security policies or industry-defined regulatory standards. It’s a monotonous, erroneous, and prolonged process to prepare your network devices from the audit perspective as your rule bases are constantly changing and manually, embedding all regulations in the continuance compliance is practically impossible.

Firesec reduces your manual efforts by identifying the compliance gaps, lets you quickly fill those gaps and helps you in keeping up the enterprise compliance levels.

Compliance Adherence and Audit Readiness

  • Abide by the top regulatory compliance standards and quickly generate audit reports.
  • On- demand compliance demonstration with immediate results.
  • Notify you the compliance violation along with the expected remedy, that could be the necessary change in your ruleset.

Enterprise Level Benefits

  • Acts as an internal auditor by reducing your manual efforts.
  • As an active auditor helps you in discovering the existing gaps in your firewall, router, and switch compliance structure.
  • Displays the expected compliance scorecards, which eventually helps you in making your rule base compliant to regulatory standards.