Security Risk

Security Risk

Enterprise security demands numerous security technologies to check-in and enforces administrators to every day, introduce new rules or update existing rules for achieving business continuity. However, with this constantly changing rule base, at times uncalculated, makes many rules redundant/obsolete/insecure and entire rule base clogged and clumsy. At the same time, enterprises also need to keep up their compliance scorecards means putting all regulations in the continuance compliance. All these challenges keep security teams on their toes and drive them to monitor and identify security risks long before they become a reality. That’s a long-drawn-out task for the organizations relying on the same old approaches to security risk management.

Firesec makes it possible for an organization to get all-round visibility of the organization’s security risk evaluated against the entire web of security technologies connected across the network. It helps in establishing the baseline for calculating risk across the organization by pulling together many components of risk into one unified view. 

Unified View of Security Risk

  • All-round visibility into the organization’s security posture.
  • Provide a unified view of the organization’s risk score along with its trending behaviour.
  • Make you aware of the rules which are insecure and non-compliant.

Enterprise Level Benefits

  • Security Managers can view up-to-date risk score concerning all the pillars of security and can accordingly take effective business decisions.
  • Cut your time of employing different tools and strategies to spot the network security risk.
  • Eliminate the inefficiency and errors of manual efforts.