What if Analysis

What if Analysis

In most of the enterprises, firewalls form the foundation of the security infrastructure as they are broadly deployed with the vision of securing networks. However, installing firewalls will not guarantee enterprise security if the policy integrated is not adequate. A misconfigured policy could either result in opening security holes, thereby providing a way for malicious traffic to sneak into a network or blocks authentic traffic and interrupts business processes which in turn could lead to irreparable consequences. One of the significant reason for misconfigured policies is miscalculated policy modification.

Firesec allows the network administrator to perform “what-if analysis” to visualize the impact of new rules (if introduced) on the firewall. Thus, it can be primarily used in the iterative process of firewall policy design and maintenance.

Rule Impact Analysis

  • Check the impact of the new rule on the network before its implementation.
  • Save the “What-if Scenarios” results for referring it in future.

Enterprise Level Benefits

  • Help in achieving better network performance and enterprise visibility.
  • Reduce the complexity of the rules.