Chief Information Security Officer

You are responsible for carrying and establishing a secure vision, strategy, and security practices to ensure that the entire enterprise network continuum is breathing under a safe roof.

  • Do you face these challenges?
  • Absence of all-round visibility of the network?
  • Surprise findings discovered during audits?
  • Figuring out the impacts of policy changes?
  • Carrying out periodic configuration reviews?
  • Getting the security team to indulge more on securing business processes instead of always focussing on finding the solutions of security outbreaks occurred due to misconfigured network devices?
  • How Firesec helps?
  • 360-degree view of your organization’s security posture via CISO’s Dashboard.
  • Audit report for all major regulatory standards is just one click away.
  • Proactively evaluate the changes before they are implemented to stay out of the security risks.
  • Makes you ready for audits.
  • Custom reports that give practical insights as well as provide details to make informed decisions.
  • Enables access control rules to be reviewed via an automated workflow that reduces the time taken from days to hours to complete complex configuration reviews.