Policy Optimization

Policy Optimization

With each passing year, your network devices onboard thousands of rules and objects to keep all the security risks and vulnerabilities out of its radar. However, many of these rules are obsolete and unused, which eventually ends up making the entire rule base clogged and clumsy. These cluttered rules degrade the performance and needlessly builds the wall of complexity in carrying your day to day tasks, such as change management, configuration reviews and auditing. Safely removing these bloated rules are not possible without predicting its impact on business continuity.

Firesec optimizes your rule base by generating comprehensive analysis reports and lets you take the adequate decision of identifying and removing the unnecessary rules. Also, the automated processes help you optimally design and implement new rules.

Configuration Optimization and clean-up

  • Analyze rule base and object usage across different network devices.
  • Review and arrange the security rules categorically, such as shadow, redundant, disabled, insecure, along with unused objects and empty groups.
  • Recognize overly permissive rules.
  • Ensure compliance against internal and external regulatory standards.
  • Suggest reordering of rules to achieve better performance.

Enterprise Level Benefits

  • Increase the competence of security and network teams by automating the redundant administration tasks.
  • Lessen cybersecurity threats by controlling access policies across the network.
  • Optimize the performance of network devices by eliminating the redundant, insecure and obsolete rules.
  • Reduce audit preparation efforts by enforcing compliance in line with internal and external regulatory standards.