Change Management

Change Management

Firewalls are the cornerstones of your network structure, so even a small miscalculated change can create serious security issues, at times ends up opening a door for vulnerabilities to enter. So, change implementation across the network needs to be done hand on hand with the pace of growing business needs. However, changes made without evaluating the consequences could be a slow recipe for cyber calamity.

Enterprise needs to put in place a streamlined firewall change management process, which saves management time and reduces the chance of encountering a compliance violation or security issues.

Firesec escorts you through a secure change process from initial request through implementation. Integrated assessments check for the impacts before changes are made; once these changes are authorized and approved, then you can go ahead and make those changes go live.

Change Management and Integration Platform

  • Integrate and orchestrates the change management process.
  • Take charge to inform you about the risk associated with each move.
  • Help you find the answer of who made changes? What changes? Also, when those changes occurred?
  • Avoid manual errors, reduce complexity and saves time.

Enterprise Level Benefits

  • Lessen the management time by streamlining the change request process.
  • Proactively acknowledges you the risk of every change attempts.
  • Ensure changes adhere to internal as well as regulatory standards.