Configuration Analysis Reports

Configuration Analysis Reports

To fulfil different business use cases, an enterprise needs to onboard various security technologies, although initially, this makes you feel secure, but with each passing day makes your network architecture complicated and rule base bloated.

In-depth analysis of the rule sets informs you about the rule’s usage and discovers the adequacy of the respective rule while implementing the security policy in an organization.

Firesec configuration analysis report alerts you against the misconfigurations or sub-optimal configurations. Also, it allows you to identify logic errors opening security gaps, violating compliance policies, and the rules becoming obsolete due to changing business needs.

Network Devices Configuration Analysis Report

  • Check the security risks existing in the rule sets.
  • Discover vulnerabilities that can pass through.
  • Build analysis report in line with the organization’s standards.
  • Instantly generates the consolidated report for multi-vendor network devices.
  • Quickly generates audit-ready reports.
  • Empowers you to create reports with the elements you need to visualize.

Enterprise Level Benefits

  • Lessen manual efforts and lets you make quick and informed business decisions.
  • Ensure enterprise compliance levels.
  • Ensure an optimized and clean rule base.
  • Cater your clients in serving their business interests.