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Policy Optimization

Over years, the rule bases that controls your network devices gets clogged and clumsy, as they are over burdened with the rules which are obsolete, redundant and insecure. To achieve improved performance, stouter security and compliance with regulations, you need to clean up those rule bases. Firesec helps you in optimizing your rule base by generating comprehensive reports which helps you identifying and removing the bloated and unnecessary rules. In addition, the automated processes help you to optimally design and implement new rules.

Organizations can use Firesec to

  • Analyse risky rule base.
  • Uncover unused objects.
  • Review and arrange the firewall rules categorically, such as shadow, redundant, and insecure.
  • Reorder rules to achieve better performance.

Key Benefits

  • Increase competence of security and network teams by automating the redundant administration tasks.
  • Lessen cybersecurity threats by controlling access policies across the network.
  • Optimize performance of network devices by eliminating the redundant, insecure and obsolete rules.

Security Risk Visibility

Network devices plays crucial role in safeguarding the enterprises security by handling massive amounts of traffic. Business needs are changing every day which eventually makes configuration more complex and huge. There are lot of security policies implemented across these network devices, at times, count often goes up to thousands of rules and objects. Objects may include hosts, host groups, services, service groups, interfaces, and zones. Firesec helps you in discovering the unused objects that unnecessary holding lot of space and reducing performance.

Organizations can use Firesec to:

  • Uncover unused objects.
  • Reducing the clutter in network devices configuration.

Key Benefits

  • Potential security holes are removed.
  • Eventually, increasing the device performance.

Periodic Configuration Reviews

Administrators are well aware of the fact that over time rule base tends to become complex, as they contain rules that may be obsolete or incorrect. Rule base reviews play a critical role in ensuring the ongoing analysis of the rule base. It evaluates the rules from your network devices to determine whether the security risks exist in the configuration, unwanted rules making database hefty, and if there are vulnerabilities allowed through the network devices for high risk prone services.

Organizations can use Firesec to

  • Administrator can assign rules to the reviewer, who will review the rules and tag them as Retain, Modify, or Delete along with providing business justification.
  • Notify reviewer once the rules assigned.
  • You can set the limit of reminder email notifications that can be triggered to the reviewer. If the limit exceeds, then email is triggered to the administrator notifying that reviewer has not yet reviewed the rules. After receiving this notification, administrator can take appropriate actions.

Key Benefits

  • Determine the security risks existence in rule base.
  • Discover vulnerabilities that can pass through.
  • Find the unwanted rules that exist but are incorrect and hence not playing any role in building security.

Continuous Compliance

It’s a monotonous, erroneous, and prolonged process to prepare your firewalls from the audit perspective. As your rule bases are constantly changing, so it’s difficult to put all regulations in the continuance compliance for the point-in-time exercise. Having multifarious rules and ACL’s across various security devices, and voluminous updates constantly, makes it practically impossible to prepare for an audit manually.

Organizations can use Firesec to:

  • Quickly generate the firewall audit reports for all major regulatory standards, such as PCI DSS, CIS Benchmark, and CIS Benchmarks for CISCO.
  • For routers, generate audit reports against CIS Benchmarks.
  • Generate the customized audit reports as per your organization’s requirements.
  • Notify you the compliance violation along with the expected remedy, that could be the necessary change in your rule set.

Key Benefits

  • Acts as an internal auditor by reducing your manual effort up to 80%.
  • As an active auditor, helps you in discovering the existing gaps in your firewall and router compliance structure.
  • Displays the expected results, which eventually helps you in making your rule base compliant to regulatory standards.

Change Management

Getting the view of overall security posture of your organization is really a boon. Firesec allows users to customize their dashboard by adding widgets. With this, you can configure the links, graphs and charts, which displays the exact information of your network devices configuration analysis right on your dashboard.

Organizations can use Firesec to

  • Personalize your dashboard by configuring it.
  • Add or remove information from the dashboard anytime.

Key Benefits

  • Total visibility of your security posture.
  • Saves your crucial time.
  • Increase productivity, means increase profit.

Customized Reports

In-depth analysis of the rules, provides you with the clear statistics of the rules usage. This statistic can be used by administrators to discover the adequacy of the respective rule, while implementing the security policy for an organization. So, from the rule base analysis, the administrator can easily take actions against the rules, which are unused, or moderately used. Also, can add new rules to meet the security policy requirements. Configuration analysis report provides you information about misconfigurations and/or sub-optimal configurations. This information helps the administrator to correct the problems of existing configurations and hence eventually leads to optimize the firewall performance.

Organizations can use Firesec to:

  • Build analysis report, as per your organization’s requirement.
  • Generate consolidated report for multiple assets of same type.
  • Export the generated report in PDF format.
  • Generate the customized report to check the compliance adherence.

Key Benefits

  • Provides Customize report sections.
  • Exports report which cater to your target audiences – Executive Summary Report for CISO, CIO, Information Security Manager and Detailed Analysis Reports for Network Administrators, Security Analysts.
  • Allows to customize the report verbiage to suit the customer’s standards.
  • Add organization and client logos to give a ready to share report.

Multi Vendor Support

Different enterprises make use of network devices that belongs to varied hardware vendors for different purposes. This leads to the network complexity and makes the configuration management process quite obscure. The security administrator needs to invest their crucial time to manage the configuration of these devices systematically. So, there is a requirement of a consolidated network configuration management solution, which not only simplifies administrators’ task but also saves your money. Firesec supports configuration management for devices from various hardware vendors. Currently,
we support the network devices from following vendors:

  • Fortinet
  • Checkpoint
  • Juniper
  • Palo Alto
  • Cyberoam

Config Comparison

Sometimes network device configurations are revised without notice or consent. These random changes can result in causing various network issues. Firesec performs comparison of configurations and displays a statistical report that consists of changes that were made. This concede you to rapidly and confidently reverse any undesirable changes.

Organizations can use Firesec to:

  • Compare two different versions of the configurations, which belongs to similar asset type.
  • Allows you to view and export the comparison report.

Key Benefits

  • Recognizes and displays the differences captured post comparison.
  • Provides statistical report.

What If Analysis

Firewall log analysis makes you aware of the security threats and traffic behaviour. Security log reports of firewall analysis helps security administrators to visualize network threat scenarios and guide them to accordingly plan their strategy to protect the organization’s data.

Organizations can use Firesec to

  • Analyse the logs and visualize the security threats.
  • View the graphical representation of the event logs, log statistics, and log trends.
  • Export the log reports.
  • Customize the log information to be displayed by selecting the appropriate header.
  • Arrange the log information in groups, by dragging or selecting the column using which you want to group the information.

Key Benefits

  • Helps to secure your network against breaches.
  • Customize the log reports as per your company standards.
  • Supports manual as well as automatic log analysis of firewall logs.